Lose Weight Healthily In 2023

Let Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Be Your Medicines.

Lose Weight Healthily In 2023

The science of weight loss has not changed. That is, dieting and exercising are the keys to losing weight healthily.

However, statistics show that most dieters go about their weight loss journey wrongly, which usually ends in weight regain, loss of self-confidence, and decreased motivation moving forward.

DietsForHealth advocates healthy eating and physical activity for healthy and sustainable weight loss. We encourage proper nutrition and exercise not just for weight loss but for overall good health.

We help you discover only the best diet and fitness programs to make you lose weight healthily in 2023.

Fad diets have left many dieters unsatisfied with their weight loss journey. With everybody trying to get in shape for the next summer, we have seen a rise in fad diets, fake weight loss pills/supplements, and weight loss gurus.

These individuals and their products usually promise the impossible and most often the results are short-term and cause even more weight gain in the long run.

According to research, so many people on their weight loss journey rely on non-scientifically proven weight loss methods. Methods whose developers themselves cannot even explain the principles behind how they work.

The reason is that most overweight people seek to lose weight as quickly as possible; maybe for that wedding dress, for the beach in the summer or just to “improve” their overall body image.

The problem is, these methods will provide short-term desired results while making the individual gain even more weight in the long run and the overall weight loss journey becomes very difficult.

Weight loss is NOT a Sprint but a Marathon. It is a gradual process. You DIDN’T  gain all your weight overnight, please DON’T expect to lose it all overnight.

Studies have proven that for most people, a weight loss journey should simply involve a behavioral change in nutrition and level of physical activity. Hence, weight gain and weight loss are mostly influenced by lifestyle.

However, when trying to lose weight, seek a lifestyle repair you will stick with for life. Quick fixes will only lead to an unhappy ending. 

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The Mayo Clinic Diet

If you consider dieting for weight loss and you seek a life-long plan of balanced delicious meals, that are not only effective but easy to stick to, sustainable, and built on a medical pedigree, then The Mayo Clinic Diet is for you.

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