Aaptiv Review

Workouts Anywhere At Any Time

Aaptiv Review

The Aaptiv app was started back in 2015 by Ethan Agarwal and is a highly effective and interactive fitness app that allows you to get your workouts done anywhere and at any time.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply stay fit, Aaptiv was built to meet the personalized fitness approach desired by everyone, and today, it is one of the most popular fitness apps around.

The app catches up to your current fitness level and plans your workouts based on your fitness objectives, the type of workouts you prefer, and the exercise equipment to which you have access.

Aaptiv Workouts

With Aaptiv, you have unlimited access to thousands of workouts across multiple categories, including;

  • treadmill
  • stretching
  • strength training
  • stair climber
  • outdoor running
  • yoga
  • elliptical
  • indoor cycling
  • Pilates
  • barre
  • meditation


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You can also choose specific programs within these categories;

  • Cross-train to 5k
  • Intro to weight loss
  • Maintain your weight loss
  • Walk to run one mile (for people working towards running their first mile).

As expected, these workouts target individual muscle groups or your full body, and the duration is anywhere from 3 minutes to over 2 hours depending on the workout type.

For exercises that you may not be familiar with, the app includes video demonstrations on how to perform them.

Although Aaptiv plans workouts based on your fitness level and preferences, you can also browse the app’s library of workouts, which you can do at home, outdoors, or at your local gym.

You have access to over 2,500 workouts across those categories, with 30 new classes added every week to constantly refresh your experience.

Aaptiv Trainers

Unlike most fitness apps, Aaptiv trainers are not robots or animated images but certified professionals from well-known and highly reputable organizations like; NASM, ISSA, and ACE.

They include a diverse group of health educators, world-class athletes, and physical therapists.

Of course, the trainer leads each class and is tasked with keeping you motivated and encouraged throughout the workout, guiding you every step of the way.

You can find out more about each trainer on the Aaptiv website.

How Does Aaptiv Work?

With thousands of fitness apps around, it is tricky to find the one that works best for you.

Thankfully, with Aaptiv, there’s something for everyone. Aaptiv lets you exercise whenever and wherever and once signed up, you have access to more than 2,500 workouts across a variety of categories and subcategories, as well as to 30 new classes uploaded each week.

Obviously, you will find beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts that can range from quick seven minutes routines to complete training programs.

Each workout session is led by a trainer and theirs is a set motivating music playlist.

With Aaptiv, it feels like you have a one-on-one workout session and of course, you won’t want to let your coach down.

You equally get positive reinforcements from your trainers after completing a workout.

You earn badges, confetti, gold stars, and encouraging comments.

They will even email you after the successful completion of a workout to remind you of your accomplishments and motivate you.

When it comes to your background music, the app lets you choose the type of music genre you want for each workout (Pop, EDM, etc.), as well as the volume level.

It is even possible to plug in your own playlist like Spotify or Apple Music, separate from the app’s music library.


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    aaptiv review

    Aaptiv Cost

    The Aaptiv app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices.

    However, a monthly or yearly subscription is required to gain access to all the workouts and features.

    When you first sign up, you will get a 7-day free trial, after which you will need to subscribe for either $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year, a 45% savings.

    How Do I Cancel Aaptiv?

    Subscriptions automatically renew, so pay attention to your renewal date. You cancel at any time but make sure to do it at least 48 hours before your renewal date, so you don’t get charged for the next term.

    Does Aaptiv Have Videos?

    While Aaptiv is primarily an audio app, there are some video classes to demonstrate some basic moves.

    This is much appreciated for yoga, Pilates, and strength training classes.

    Though it’s an audio app, the trainers know you are only listening, so they are very explicit about the way they describe movements and give directions.

    Aaptiv Community

    Aaptiv has its in-app community called Team, where there is NO competition.

    Rather, you share your fitness journey with other Aaptiv members and get encouragement and support.

    Aaptiv Pros and Cons


    • Workouts led by certified personal trainers
    • Highly personalized
    • Highly accessible lets you workout anywhere
    • Access to support community
    • The regular release of new workouts, approximately 30 every week.
    • Team and team challenges for extra motivation and a sense of community
    • Music playlists in a variety of genres
    • Daily workout plans according to your preferences


    • Audio-based (which can be challenging at times)
    • Switching between video demonstration and audio program can be inconvenient and interrupt the flow of your workout
    • The volume of background music may sometimes overpower trainers’ directions
    • Minimal focus on nutrition
    • Free trial defaults to a yearly subscription
    • Canceling can be difficult

    Aaptiv Review

    The Aaptiv review across the Apple and Google app stores show that it is a great fitness app and averages higher than a 4 out of 5 rating among 66,000 plus reviews.

    Looking at reviews on Google and Apple app stores, most users love the customization, workout variety, and motivation that Aaptiv offers.

    However, the aaptiv app gets most of its negative reviews from cancellations and refunds as some users report canceling their subscription but still being charged a renewal fee.

    Solution: According to the aaptiv website, you are supposed to cancel at least 48 hours before your renewal date. As long as you do this, you won’t be charged for the next term. So make sure to NOTE DOWN your renewal date when you first subscribe.

    Some users report flaws with the music library. The reviews state that the music library has shrunk over the years, and for some workouts, the music is off-tempo.

    Our Opinion: as with any other apps, the aaptiv app equally has its strengths and weaknesses. The user experience will be different for everybody, so you shouldn’t base your judgment on that. Before signing up for any fitness app, ask yourself if you will be able to stick to the workouts for the length of time you will be subscribed. If not, even the best fitness app won’t help you achieve your goals.

    If you are on a weight loss journey, consider monitoring your diet as well for maximum results.